Manhattan, New York City—Customerswho loveshopping for fashionable attire for any occasions but dislike the idea of harming animals or environment in order to manufacture such attire, now have another alternative: Blankenship Dry Goods, products made in the USA for the true patriot. The Blankenship Dry Goods manufacturer, which prides itself on designing unique apparel of art, releases its new collection of premium quality apparel Made in the USA. With a sweater-knit exterior combined with an easy-to-take-care interior, itfunctions as superb apparel which is perfect for an outing with a group of friends or a dinner date with your significant other. The Blankenship Dry Goods manufacturer is one of the few manufacturers which makes sure that every customer can enjoy a pleasant and fashionable apparel without placing any harmon both animals and the environment.
Founded in 2012 by Tory Lenzo, TheBlankenship Dry Goodshas been manufacturing premium quality apparel with the goal of offering products made in the USA for thetrue patriot. This leading manufacturer reveals that the products, which include the likes of freedom shorts, the tailgaters, party shirts, patriot pants, and blacktusks, are derived from a fusion of New England and New York City wears. Each and every product is an art which is carefully designed to serve its best use. Furthermore, the garment’s materials used enhances the city-prep look.

One of the most popular items, the Tailgaters, from Blankenship Dry Goodsis made of premium 55% Berber and 45% recycled polyester blend. The exterior is equipped with multiple hidden canvas pockets, with a unique attribute called the Coozie Pocket Technology, which keeps the temperature inside the pocket stays cool as it keeps the body warm.In addition to that, the Tailgaters comein different styles and colors—providing multiple options that you can pick to your liking.
As a ‘Made in USA’ brand, Blankenship Dry Goodsuses the American flag—a proud symbol of vigilance, perseverance, and justice—as a reminder that Blankenship Dry Goodsrecognizes that freedom is not free. Individuals protecting freedom worldwide deserve special recognition. As such, Tory Lenzo donated 5% of Blankenship Dry Goods’ profitsto the active member of veterans, as stated in his interview with Brandon Wenerd from BroBible, “…for every ten sales, Blankenship Dry Goodshas been donating a garment to an active member of the veteran.”
Blankenship Dry Goodsfirmlybelieves in the American Dream, where anything is made possible with enough hard work and dedication. For everyone interested in purchasing Blankenship Dry Goodsproductsand would like to participate in an act of patriotism, starting from $200 USD every customer can make their purchases via onlinee-commerceat Blankenship Dry Goodssite. Learn more and view the entire Blankenship Dry Goodsapparel collection in their official website at or drop by at their current address in 16 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830, United States.